Services for mineral exploration

Luganiga Exploration Ltd offers a variety of services for mineral exploration including project evaluation and data interpretation, geological mapping, GIS and modelling services, design and execution of sampling campaigns, and more.

rock core in a core box

At any time during a mineral exploration project, geological evaluation and data interpretation is important for the development of a project. Learn more

folded sedimentary rock

Geological mapping is a cost effective way to gather critical information for a new mineral exploration project. Learn more

geophysical model and digital elevation model

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a digital system designed to collect, analyze and manage all types of geospatial data. Learn more

galena mineralization in hand sample

Rock, soil and stream sediment sampling are very effective and relatively inexpensive grass-roots exploration techniques. Learn more

assessment report and maps collage

Assessment and technical reports are a key component for the purpose of storing information, promoting and complying with legal requirements for a project. Learn more

geologist with ground magnetic survey tool

The preliminary study of a possible target by evaluating pre-exsisting data is the first step in the process of finding a new mineral deposit. Learn more

powerpoint presentation screenshot

To successfully develop a project and attract investors, key information has to be presented in a simple and attractive way. Learn more