Project evaluation and data interpretation

At any time during a mineral exploration project, geological evaluation and data interpretation is important for the development of a project. Depending on the stage of exploration or area of the project different approaches may be key in increasing the probability of successfully define a potential mineral deposit. Luganiga Exploration provides experienced prospectors and mappers to help develop a project and evaluate possible steps for further exploration such as follow up geochemical or geophysical surveys or drill campaigns. Contact us for more information on how we can help you succeed.

Geological mapping

Geological mapping is a cost effective way to gather critical information for a new mineral exploration project. It allows to develop a better understanding of the lithologies, structures and alteration of an area of interest. The information collected during a mapping campaign is key to characterize a potential mineral deposit and can be used as the basis to expand exploration including geophysical and geochemical surveys as well as drilling. At Luganiga Exploration we have several years of experience mapping in a large variety of terrains hosting different types of mineral deposits. The deliverables we produce generally include a digital copy of the map, the digital elements used to created the map and a report with descriptions, interpretations and recommendations for future work. Contact us to find out more.

GIS and modelling

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a digital system designed to collect, analyze and manage all types of geospatial data. For the mineral exploration industry, GIS offers the ability to overlay geochemical, geophysical, and geological data allowing to correlate results and delineate potentially mineralized areas. Luganiga Exploration's GIS services include digitalization of newly collected data as well as historic data from literature and paper maps, comprehensive graphic display of geochemical, geophysical and geological datasets, and statistical evaluation of geospatial data relevant to the success of a mineral exploration project. Contact us if you'd like to know more.

Rock, soil and stream sediment sampling

Rock, soil and stream sediment sampling are very effective and relatively inexpensive grass-roots exploration techniques. Rock sampling allows to identify areas of strong mineralization based on the presence of surface outcrops. Soil and stream sediment sampling have the potential to identify dispersed anomalies which can help delimit mineralized areas. Luganiga Exploration provides planning, preparation and execution of sampling programs in order to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective way to survey an area. Sampling programs are tailored to specific projects to maximize results. Contact us for more details.

Assessment and technical reports

Assessment and technical reports are a key component for the purpose of storing information, promoting and complying with legal requirements for a project. Luganiga Exploration has several years of experience with report and assessment writing for individuals and junior exploration companies. Report writing provided by our team includes literature research, historic and present data compilation, and drafting of necessary maps and figures. Contact us for more information.

Desktop studies and preliminary property evaluation

The preliminary study of a possible target by evaluating regional geological trends, published data, regional geochemical and geophysical surveys and careful analysis of satellite imagery is the first step in the process of finding a new mineral deposit. Thanks to the experience accumulated over several years in the mineral exploration industry, Luganiga Exploration can investigate and provide solid guidance before the start of a new project by investigating possible targets through desktop studies and review of literature in order to increase the odds of successfully discover a new mineral deposit. Contact us to discuss how we can get your project started.

Publicity and marketing

To successfully develop a project and attract investors, key information has to be presented in a simple and attractive way. Luganiga Exploration has the ability to produce attractive maps, presentations and concise summary posters for any type of mineral exploration project that will help showcase the project and attract potential investors. Contact us to help you showcase your projects.